Our Mission

“Our mission is to assist to the Hungarian companies and municipalities in taking advantage from the EU accession so as to contribute to the prosperity of the country.”

Our Objective

"Successful clients are the key for our business results."

We believe that the state aid proposals offered by the European Union contribute massively to the development of the competitive firms. Our objective is to assist to our clients in fully taking advantage of such opportunities.

From May 2004 on the opportunity is available to finance the Hungarian firms, municipalities and NGO’s also from EU funds. In order to get funding from the EU development resources, as a company, we should prove our professionalism and competitiveness. If we wish to acquire EU funding, our organization should fit in the objectives of the National Development Plan, New Hungary Development Plan and theit operational programmes.

To become a successful candidate for state aid proposals is an important step in the EU integration process. Partnership, co-operation, mutual thinking and planning can only assure the optimal absorption of the EU structural funding at national level.

If availability of the necessary resources (capital, human, infrastructure) is proven, and the project plan is solidly constructed for a well-defined objective, our project has a good chance to obtain EU funding. The project idea must be viable and real from the financial, social, economic and environmental point of view. In order to meet the needs above the project documentation must satisfy a bunch of formal and professional requirements.

Our company is involved in professional consultancy in order to accelerate the development of the Hungarian companies and municipalities.